Shady Hues

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is it the taste of the chocolate ice-cream we shared that I relish? Or is it the flavour of those interesting conversations we have? Well, it could also be the essence of that inane chatter we indulge in, and those casual glances we keep exchanging.
Whatever it is, if I ever was certain in my life that Love had arrived, now is the time! I adore her! I know she has faults, she's not perfect, but then, nor am I. As long as we can accpet each others' faults and still be harmonious, who cares?
Yet another sleepless night haunts me... I wonder if she'd be sleeping right now, or perhaps thinking about me... or maybe.. even be somewhere in blogosphere.. typing out her thoughts.. pouring out her heart... INTERESTING!!


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