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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As I had accurately predicted after much crystal-gazing (Yeah, rrright!!), I did need a weekend by Wednesday, i.e. today. Hell, man! Sometimes office sucks so much. And even more so, when one doesn't want to work.

I'd grabbed the morning paper right out of the vendor's hand, hoping to read about a massive network failure with our clients, leading to offices being shut, or a HUGE transport strike, or something else cataclysmic enough to ensure a holiday. But, the front page was adorned with the daily drama of Mr. Manmohan Singh vs. the Left, and the Sensex sending investors' hearts fluttering. Sad! Disappointing! Another day @ work....

So, after the usual cussing at being late, hunting for matching socks, nimbly evading the landslide that results each time I open my cupboard, I was ready for office.

That Greek fella Hercules, became a hero after completing some 12 silly tasks. Ask me what a Herculean (or rather Sumitean) task is. Getting to office through all that traffic, without uttering a single cuss word. I did that! (not quite.. .but at least I didn't use any of the bigger ones). Hercules would've retired long ago if he'd been asked to do that!

Anyway, no further details of office.. they're too traumatic to narrate, or read about.

Returning home, I studied a while, and then flaunted my culinary skills (skill? Yeah... even boiling water is a skill.. so ready-to-eat soup would be like a multi-course meal!). After that, for the first time ever in life, I had a telephonic discussion on Venn diagrams with a friend. Hehe.. Since the Venn diagram idea fizzled out rather fast, we switched over to percentages. That topic lasted for about an hour but eventually gave up its feeble attempts too. Then, it was general blah-blah, that lasted God knows how long. :-)

And apparently, it's still 'lasting' coz I'm still here... blabbering away like there's no tomorrow. But, there is! A stupid freakin' tomorrow... with the same old routine. Oh, man!! Life seems have become like:

if (day == monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday)

life = sucks;



life = sucks;

//end of code.... ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] (programmer passed out on keyboard)


  • So I did become part of SSDD. Hmm. Sorry I made you go through that after all that you'd already gone through during the day.

    But Sumitean sounds darn cool! Finding matching socks and kaam-chaloing with the smaller cuss words are certainly things that Hercules could never have done. I totally agree. That's why you're the star! :D

    I'll pray for some network failure tomorrow. Ok? Now smile!! :)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 12:36 AM  

  • well... not quite! And well... Venn diagrams were challenging but fun!

    I shall hope for a network failure too, though such an occurrence is rather unlikely... :-)

    By Blogger Lonely Wanderer, At 1:02 AM  

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