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Monday, November 05, 2007

Well, Shady wandered off to a great afternoon on Saturday, with a friend, who was kind (kind bole to KIND, not the weird kind) enough to click a few pics where he doesn't look like an ogre who'd eat up the photographer in the next frame. And she also joined him for paneer pizza (without paneer), and lemonade without lemons (naah... just kidding!!). She also managed to get a compliment on her smile from a salesgirl (I'd been about to compliment her, but she'd never believe me if I said so now.. hence, I'm keeping shut... )

Appeared for yet another mock test on Sunday. Finally figured out why they call them MOCKS... coz the tests MOCK at the test-taker... well.. thie one probably didn't mock me much.. but you never know... Still, last time was horrendous.. this one can only be an improvement.. :P

Today, Shady has a sore throat. (NO.. it's not becoz of non-stop yapping.) Well, that's why he decided to write a blog instead of eating away at some unfortunate soul's mind over the phone.

Bodyache... throatache... fever... not much more to ask for, in holiday season, right? BLOODY! Shady sometimes feels like renaming 'Murphy's law' to 'Shady's law'. It applies so well to him! Whenever there are holidays approaching, he just HAS to fall sick! How sick is that!! (Ahem... forgive his attempt at humour please)

Not much else to write about... but Shady'll be back before you know it... that's why they call me slim (Ahem.. don't snigger, huh?) Shady...


  • Sounds like a good photographer. But why didn't you advertise her? Humein bhi to pata chale ki kaun hai ye. :P

    Pretty smile wali girl? Aha. Aapko bhi to bolna chahiye tha usey...I'm sure woh aur khush ho jati. :)

    Yes, mock tests are all the time making mockery of the bloody test takers. hmph!

    Shady's crazy, and I think he just lies about B-complex, otherwise he wouldn't fall sick so frequently. Bloody!

    But you get well real quick. And give me my chocolates. And smile. :)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 1:43 AM  

  • Well... aarbee... Good work advertises itself, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of the girl's work soon. Plus, I have her autograph... I can share it with you. :P

    No further comments about mock tests... if this blog has to have clean language...

    Shady doesn't lie! HMPH!

    Advice about smiling taken... check orkut profile for further details.. :) (Chocolates ... hmmm... mil jaayengi)

    P.S. I just took your advice about letting the girl know about her lovely smile...

    By Blogger Lonely Wanderer, At 3:06 AM  

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