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Monday, February 25, 2008

I know, it's been a long hiatus (again). But, I'm back. With more thoughts and ponderings. I watched this movie yesterday. It's called 'The Bucket List' and it left a deep impact on me. I won't give away the story (you'll have to pay for it, you know) but it will suffice to say that the characters make a list of things to do before they 'kick the bucket.' Not just that, they actually proceed to do them. Nothing special about that, except the characters are terminally ill cancer patients. So, even though it might sound macabre or dark to you, I've created my own bucket list. Here it goes:

1. Own and manage a football club

2. Watch a football match at Anfield stadium, and cry myself hoarse

3. Write a novel

4. Make someone cry with happiness

5. Visit Disneyland and be a kid once again!

6. Adopt a child

7. Do something for the underprivileged

8. Attend a Linkin Park concert

9. Have my own library

10. Go on an African Safari

I know, some of these might sound childish, or even inane. Nevertheless, it's my list of things I'd love to do before I die. There would be lots more, and some of them might take precedence over the ones listed here. But for now, this is the list. And if you're reading this, you've been 'tagged'. I'd appreciate if you leave your own bucket list in the comments section.


  • 1. Learn to play the guitar solo in 'November Rain' like crazy, just like Slash does in the video in an open field with the wind blowing in his face.

    2. Get at least 1 person to give up their religion.

    3. Learn to play all the essential instruments so I can write and record a whole CD of songs of my own, leaving people befuddled about who the band members are.

    4. Learn some form of martial arts (NOT inspired by movies, meant to learn the discipline, the 'way of life')

    5. Learn as many languages as possible so I can appreciate their literature and music

    6. Create something people will cherish forever.

    7. To spread a religion of three tenets: Learn, Create, Give

    8. Travel across all of India and subsequently the world.

    By Blogger amaltas, At 9:25 PM  

  • We are so glad you're back. Missing you types ho raha tha. :-)

    It's a nice list. I was aware of only some of those. Guess you're glad it's still at 15.26. :D

    I didn't know you're in this tagging business as well. So let's try and make my list.

    1) Look and be 100% fit.

    2) Be interviewed on TV for my achievements.

    3) Travel across the whole of India.

    4) Keep a dog.

    5) Own a fine camera that would help me make my pictures look better.

    6) Drive alone.

    7) Take a walk on a quiet beach with someone special.

    8) Get drunk. :D

    9) Be a mother.

    10) Slap a guy in public. It's been a wish for a very long time.

    Done. :D

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 9:40 PM  

  • Also, Shady, dude, its time you ditched Linkin Park! Most rock n00bs tend to ditch it in a month odd. The Joe Satriani tracks in your box are probably corrupt in contempt of this blasphemous playing of linkin park in their supreme presence! Also, Linkin Park even if there were a few odd half-decent tracks, is not a concert band!! Unleash the Beast (that'd be Iron Maiden, if you don't know)!

    By Blogger amaltas, At 1:42 PM  

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