Shady Hues

Friday, November 23, 2007

Shady Blues!

The last few days've been rather gruelling workwise. Today was especially hectic.
Sample this:

8.00 am: Woke up. Started whiling away time.
8.50 am: "What the $%#&? I am late (again)". Rushed!! Took a bath... got ready for office... ran out of the house
9.05 am: "A**h**e! Get out of my way. Saale picnic manaane aa jaate hain road pe". And countless such abuses follow....
9.30 am: Whew! Another day at work... oh heck!
10.30 am: "Another one of those rewards functions! Hell! Why? I have work to do..."
11.15 am: "The award for exemplary performance goes to.... SHADY!!"
11.45 am: Back to work
2.00 pm: Lunch! A welcome break from work
3.00 pm: YAWN!! YAAWWWNNNNNN!! Shady wishing he could just curl up like a lazy cat and sleep...
4.00 pm: Counting the minutes to freedom... 60... 59...58... damn! Too far away...
5.00 pm: Yippee!! I'm leaving... "Hey!! Before going, can you please help me with this?
"@#$@! Stuck again..."
6.00 pm: Instant plan chill a bit at the malls, with friends
8.00 pm: Mom called. Had a bit of a disagreement with her
10.00 pm: Back home after dropping the gangsterz
10.26 pm: Writing a blog post

P.S. Routine, mundane day, right? NOPE! It would've been one if it hadn't been punctuated by frequent smiles brought by the one and only RB.

Moral of the Story: Remember to thank God each day for sending across that wonderful girl.


  • Public display of affection zyaada achhi baat nahi hoti hai. But since I've never done it before, and one should always do everything at least once in their life, I'm allowed. :D

    Muah! :)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 1:59 AM  

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