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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Never 2 Far*

The happenings of the last few days have been fairly extraordinary, to say the least. I never knew I had such a romantic side to me as well. Always considered more of a calculating machine, with an extremely analytical and data-oriented approach, even towards life, I had almost begun to believe in the ascribed status. Well, perhaps, I had even started deriving some pleasure out of it.

But all that's changed. In the space of a few weeks. I have learnt that within me, there lies the ability to love another person. To an extent that even I didn't ever imagine. (Even greater than 9000!, as some of my 'mathematician' friends may snicker). And it's all thanks to Aarbee. The girl who makes me smile all the time. The girl who always has something niice to say. The girl who always has a better punchline ready. (Damn!!) The girl who occupied a corner of my mind till a few days ago, and now fills my mind with thoughts of her. The girl who I love.. a lot.

Aarbee, today, I was listening to this song, and just can't seem to get its refrain off my mind (not that I really want to)

'...and all these miles that separate,
disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face,
I'm here without you baby,
but you're still on my lonely mind...'

* The title of a track by Eminem.


  • It's official - I'm out of words.

    But, I'll never forget this song. Nor its significance. Ever.

    I love you too. :-)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 9:55 PM  

  • Aarbee, the song used to be just another song, it's an anthem now.

    By Blogger Shady, At 10:08 PM  

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