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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shady After-math

What's different about today's writing?
1. The post actually has a title! Lazy me is starting to crank up the rusted gears in the ol' brain, and get it going...
2. I'm kinda over the use of third person to refer to myself (that may just be temporary, though)

Yet another hectic day at work. Yet another day closer to C-day. So, I decided to spend the evening with friends from work. Should probably have studied instead, but it was a Diwali gettogether, before everyone goes home for the festival. Ten days to go... so from tomorrow... OPERATION KICKASS begins. I probably should've titled this post 'Shady before-math' but that doesn't sound so cool, does it? :D

Oh, I discovered what turns an ordinary man into a race car driver (no offence please, Mr, Schumacher).... elementary, my dear Watson... it's the urge to pee... Dunno about others, but I was able to make it from Sec 17 to Sec 56 (nearly 13 km) in under 10 minutes!!

P.S. I have a big grin on my face, coz someone nominated me as 'most likely to save the environment from global warming'. (Yeah ... yeah.... Captain Planet, huh?)

P.P.S. That cute girl with the lovely smile made my day yet again! I wonder how she always manages to say something really nice about me. :D


  • You're improving. The title's pretty cool! :-)

    I think you've been making that girl's days too. She seems happy. :-)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 5:11 PM  

  • Glad you like the title, Aarbee... :)

    And anything to keep the girl happy! :)

    By Blogger Lonely Wanderer, At 3:15 PM  

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