Shady Hues

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I wonder... I often wonder... what would happen if one made some different choices in life? What would have happened if she hadn't been staying back late at work that day? What would have happened if I hadn't offered her a ride back home? What would have happened if she had declined my offer?
Well, I feel we wouldn't have become inseparable companions ever. We wouldn't have shared the bond that we do now. Yes, we do have our own insecurities, tensions, and problems, but we also take up each other's and try to solve them. We rave and rant at each other, throw tantrums, but we also love each other... more than we'll be able to ever admit.
I don't know.. of how long we will walk down the road together. I don't know if we will live happily ever after. All I know is that she's the girl, who I have always looking for. She is the soulmate, I've never had.
If I could just raise my hand, and wipe away all her troubles, I'd do it twice over. I know she'd do the same too.
No one's seen the future, but I sure hope we have one... together...


I listened to the melancholy rumble of thunder,
as I walked alone in the cold November rain,
replaying each conversation we ever had,
wanting to savour each precious moment again.

I watched the storm clouds gather and disperse,
as the breeze sang, with a voice full of glee,
thinking of you, hearing your words,
wondering if you’re thinking of me.

I was crying, and the sky was too,
as I yearned for a hug, and a gentle touch,
wishing I could be somewhere near,
wanting to tell you that I care so much.

I shook my head and smiled,
as I thought of your lovely verdant eyes,
looking at me with unbridled affection,
listening to me singing my reprise.