Shady Hues

Monday, October 29, 2007

I didn't really have much to muse about, because my mind has been wandering quite far (and is now refusing to return). Still, I'm making an attempt at writing, on Ms. RB's request. Consequently, this post is dedicated to her.

Strange, considering that a fortnight ago, I didn't even know of her existence. And today, she is one of the (few) people I trust almost beyond measure. Someone, who can be cute, friendly, crazy, intelligent, creative, destructive, funny, serious, adorable, irritating, and loads of other things, all at the same time. I'm sure it's not easy, but she does all of it with an almost uncanny flair.

She does tend to worry a bit too much, which ain't that niice, and yeah, she does create quite a drama, when taking her medicines, but then, overall, not much to complain about her. And the frequent 'puppy faces' are a potent weapon she has. However, her sense of humour is just awesome. I hate to admit it, but her timing is even better than mine! Hence, I don't really mind making fun of myself, just to amuse her. (It's surely better than she making fun of

Really, I don't quite know what all to write, coz I could fill up reams of paper (or blog pages) writing, but I wouldn't begin to describe her accurately. However, as Priyanka used to say, "Words are never enough, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't say them."

So, RB, all I'd like to say is that it sure is great to have you around.

P.S. I forgot to add, I love your photography.

P.P.S. I also forgot to add, you might not have realized your dream of being a bus driver, but you know what, you did pick up the vocabulary. :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As I had accurately predicted after much crystal-gazing (Yeah, rrright!!), I did need a weekend by Wednesday, i.e. today. Hell, man! Sometimes office sucks so much. And even more so, when one doesn't want to work.

I'd grabbed the morning paper right out of the vendor's hand, hoping to read about a massive network failure with our clients, leading to offices being shut, or a HUGE transport strike, or something else cataclysmic enough to ensure a holiday. But, the front page was adorned with the daily drama of Mr. Manmohan Singh vs. the Left, and the Sensex sending investors' hearts fluttering. Sad! Disappointing! Another day @ work....

So, after the usual cussing at being late, hunting for matching socks, nimbly evading the landslide that results each time I open my cupboard, I was ready for office.

That Greek fella Hercules, became a hero after completing some 12 silly tasks. Ask me what a Herculean (or rather Sumitean) task is. Getting to office through all that traffic, without uttering a single cuss word. I did that! (not quite.. .but at least I didn't use any of the bigger ones). Hercules would've retired long ago if he'd been asked to do that!

Anyway, no further details of office.. they're too traumatic to narrate, or read about.

Returning home, I studied a while, and then flaunted my culinary skills (skill? Yeah... even boiling water is a skill.. so ready-to-eat soup would be like a multi-course meal!). After that, for the first time ever in life, I had a telephonic discussion on Venn diagrams with a friend. Hehe.. Since the Venn diagram idea fizzled out rather fast, we switched over to percentages. That topic lasted for about an hour but eventually gave up its feeble attempts too. Then, it was general blah-blah, that lasted God knows how long. :-)

And apparently, it's still 'lasting' coz I'm still here... blabbering away like there's no tomorrow. But, there is! A stupid freakin' tomorrow... with the same old routine. Oh, man!! Life seems have become like:

if (day == monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday)

life = sucks;



life = sucks;

//end of code.... ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] (programmer passed out on keyboard)

Monday, October 22, 2007

What an evening! I haven't had this much fun in ages... well, going out with four girls (don't get me wrong... just my aunt... and cousins)... for a full party blast. We drove around, went to Bikanervala, where there were so many people milling around, that we had to leave. Then, of course, there was a big argument over where to go next. However, the voice of reason (obviously.. ME) made a suggestion that was promptly accepted by the ladies. So, we were off.

On the way, a scooterist tried to give me some driving lessons. BUGGER!! I was forced to not use the full force of my truck driver's vocab coz of the ladies sitting in my car. However, we all had a good laugh when the man kept glaring back at me, and rammed into a rickshaw puller, who then must've got loads of gyan. That was funny.

It's fun to drive around with people who're almost crazy as you are and enjoy blasting loud music from Linkin Park, or Godsmack, or Flipsyde... cool man! And kudos to my aunt for bearing heavy metal with a smile.. hehe..

Still, we had a good dinner @ Subway... with some sinful desserts from Baskin Robbins thrown in. And of course, then these girls decided to show off their newly-learnt shimmying skills by shimmying in front of the food court. I had a bodyache, and a bit of a fever, so I didn't join them, but I should have!! Though Niki (my youngest cousin) and I did perform some pieces of salsa. :D

Now... time to sign off.. and back to office tomorrow! Damn, why can't weekends last? They should've planted weekends in the middle of the week instead of the end (I know... I know)...coz I'm gonna need another one by Wed...

Friday, October 19, 2007

I love sifting through my old diaries and poems now and then. Some of those yellowed, dog-eared pages contain so many snippets of my soul. Reading them today, I regained so many insights into myself, that I had completely lost over the years.

Somebody once said that "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Absolutely! In fact, some pictures may even be worth much more. However, to me, the converse is also true. Those thousands of blobs of ink on paper, do draw up many images... some vivid, some faded, some happy, some sad...

After reading wistfully, about the twists or turns my currently meandering life has taken in the past, I resolved to complete one of the long-pending items on my 'Things to do' list. I rediscovered the outline of a story I had planned to write. I will try and give it some time each day or alternate day. Let's see what comes out.

Maybe, after a few years/decades, I'll be writing another blog entry, after rereading the same old pages... who knows....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ok... I am back to writing again... nearly had a bad accident today.... made me learn a very important lesson:

"Never believe you will be able to defy Murphy's law."
Corollary: Never even imagine that you will.

(Remember these wise word, O ye reader...)