Shady Hues

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Abstract Musings...

Resplendent images that rule my dreams,
Intense, enchanting, enrapturing,
Coy like little birds,
Haunting, flitting in and out of my thoughts,
Asking me to own them forever.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Shady Blues!

The last few days've been rather gruelling workwise. Today was especially hectic.
Sample this:

8.00 am: Woke up. Started whiling away time.
8.50 am: "What the $%#&? I am late (again)". Rushed!! Took a bath... got ready for office... ran out of the house
9.05 am: "A**h**e! Get out of my way. Saale picnic manaane aa jaate hain road pe". And countless such abuses follow....
9.30 am: Whew! Another day at work... oh heck!
10.30 am: "Another one of those rewards functions! Hell! Why? I have work to do..."
11.15 am: "The award for exemplary performance goes to.... SHADY!!"
11.45 am: Back to work
2.00 pm: Lunch! A welcome break from work
3.00 pm: YAWN!! YAAWWWNNNNNN!! Shady wishing he could just curl up like a lazy cat and sleep...
4.00 pm: Counting the minutes to freedom... 60... 59...58... damn! Too far away...
5.00 pm: Yippee!! I'm leaving... "Hey!! Before going, can you please help me with this?
"@#$@! Stuck again..."
6.00 pm: Instant plan chill a bit at the malls, with friends
8.00 pm: Mom called. Had a bit of a disagreement with her
10.00 pm: Back home after dropping the gangsterz
10.26 pm: Writing a blog post

P.S. Routine, mundane day, right? NOPE! It would've been one if it hadn't been punctuated by frequent smiles brought by the one and only RB.

Moral of the Story: Remember to thank God each day for sending across that wonderful girl.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In slumber sweet, late last night,
I dreamt of a sight that filled me with glee,
a lovely vision, of us walking together,
a wondrous sight to see.

I reached out to touch you,
to caress your lovely face,
I clasped your hand in mine,
and savoured your loving embrace.

I looked into your smiling eyes,
filled with a love so sweet,
in that fleeting moment,
I felt complete, replete.

I awoke from slumber,
with thoughts of you that stayed,
with me, since that lovely dream,
and never once did fade.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lose Yourself

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity,
to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment,
would you capture it or just let it slip?
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready..."

Sounds like these words from the song 'Lose Yourself' were written for me. Tomorrow is C-day, and I am filled with a mix of various feelings - exhilaration, nervousness, apprehension, excitement, determination, and god knows what others. So, as I listen to this track, I can't help but think of what tomorrow will bring.

January. When I decided to give CAT a shot. Since then, life's been a rollercoaster, with loads of ups and downs. And the months have just flown by. However, currently life's on an all-time high. A good outing tomorrow will be the perfect icing on the cake.

So, I'm looking forward to it. Eagerly. As the song ends, I can't help but smile.

"...You can do anything you set your mind to, man..."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have I?

These words, written long ago, when meeting that girl who'd make life worth living was a dream, couldn't be any more true now.

Have I told you?
If I sit still and ponder,
I can hear your voice,
whispering in my ear.

Have I told you?
Often, I have waited,
in anticipation, wanting,
to be close to you.

Have I told you?
The first time we talked,
I sat up all night,
playing the conversation over and over.

Have I told you?
There are times,
when I have ached for you,
and cried with emotion.

Have I told you?
Often, I dream of you,
I dream of reaching out,
and finding you.

Have I told you?
That I’d give up everything,
just to touch you once,
just to know you’re real.

Have I told you ever?
Do I still need to tell you,
that I love you?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Never 2 Far*

The happenings of the last few days have been fairly extraordinary, to say the least. I never knew I had such a romantic side to me as well. Always considered more of a calculating machine, with an extremely analytical and data-oriented approach, even towards life, I had almost begun to believe in the ascribed status. Well, perhaps, I had even started deriving some pleasure out of it.

But all that's changed. In the space of a few weeks. I have learnt that within me, there lies the ability to love another person. To an extent that even I didn't ever imagine. (Even greater than 9000!, as some of my 'mathematician' friends may snicker). And it's all thanks to Aarbee. The girl who makes me smile all the time. The girl who always has something niice to say. The girl who always has a better punchline ready. (Damn!!) The girl who occupied a corner of my mind till a few days ago, and now fills my mind with thoughts of her. The girl who I love.. a lot.

Aarbee, today, I was listening to this song, and just can't seem to get its refrain off my mind (not that I really want to)

'...and all these miles that separate,
disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face,
I'm here without you baby,
but you're still on my lonely mind...'

* The title of a track by Eminem.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'd always known the historical/mythological/religious significance of the 'festival of lights' but it had never meant so much to me. I've never been happier in my life. I've never wept for sheer joy, that too in public. I've never viewed the world through 'rose-tinted glasses'. But, in the last few days, I've done all of it.

There's that voice, which is music to my ears. Every word that she says, makes me smile or laugh. I just can't get enough of talking to her. Just thinking about her is reason enough for me to smile, and be happy. And I LOVE her! :-)

I went home for Diwali, had loads of fun, but missed her too. Though I'm sure both of us nearly contracted repetitive stress injury, bombarding each others' inboxes, with frequent SMS texts. And of course, my family were constantly giving me the 'raised eyebrow' look, everytime my phone beeped, and I jumped around to grab it. Although, I tried covering up by saying, 'Friends', I'm sure, the blissful smile on my face, each time I read a text gave it all away. I must've grinned/smiled so much that my face still hurts. So much so that all my pics at home have an unsmiling me, coz I just couldn't smile any more.

Everyone's been complaining about those pics, but maybe they should've tried clicking me when I was texting on the phone. :-)

On the way back to Delhi from home, I was listening to and musing about Hoobastank's song, "The Reason".

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

I don't really know if she's reading this, but all I'd like her to know is that I can't say how much I love her, and that no one's brought me so much 'happyness' before.

Love you!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shady After-math

What's different about today's writing?
1. The post actually has a title! Lazy me is starting to crank up the rusted gears in the ol' brain, and get it going...
2. I'm kinda over the use of third person to refer to myself (that may just be temporary, though)

Yet another hectic day at work. Yet another day closer to C-day. So, I decided to spend the evening with friends from work. Should probably have studied instead, but it was a Diwali gettogether, before everyone goes home for the festival. Ten days to go... so from tomorrow... OPERATION KICKASS begins. I probably should've titled this post 'Shady before-math' but that doesn't sound so cool, does it? :D

Oh, I discovered what turns an ordinary man into a race car driver (no offence please, Mr, Schumacher).... elementary, my dear Watson... it's the urge to pee... Dunno about others, but I was able to make it from Sec 17 to Sec 56 (nearly 13 km) in under 10 minutes!!

P.S. I have a big grin on my face, coz someone nominated me as 'most likely to save the environment from global warming'. (Yeah ... yeah.... Captain Planet, huh?)

P.P.S. That cute girl with the lovely smile made my day yet again! I wonder how she always manages to say something really nice about me. :D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Look whoz back! SHADY!!!! Surprise... surprise... suddenly, after a long silence lasting nearly a year, someone sure does seem to have a lot to say. Well, lazy folks like Shady need to be bullied outta their languor to get them to do something. As someone would say, "USELESS!!" :P

Anyway, the in-built clock in Shady's mind has been ticking away, reminding him of the ever-shortening distance between him and C-day. Let's see what the 'After-math' brings. Of course, work keeps getting crazier and crazier. Bloody demanding clients, insane deadlines, and a growing dissatisfaction with boring work... ingredients to a pissed-of Shady.

The brighter side, though... tomorrow is Shady's last working day... till C-day, so he plans to let his hair down (haha... yeah...right!) and chill and soothe his aching nerves. Ever heard of, "A movie a day, keeps CAT blues away."? If you haven't, that's OK, coz it's a Shady-ism that he coined just a few minutes ago.

Shady doesn't have much more to say to you right now, for the girl with the lovely smile might turn into the girl with the ferocious frown, if he continues to not reply to 'ciao' till he's back again....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Well, Shady wandered off to a great afternoon on Saturday, with a friend, who was kind (kind bole to KIND, not the weird kind) enough to click a few pics where he doesn't look like an ogre who'd eat up the photographer in the next frame. And she also joined him for paneer pizza (without paneer), and lemonade without lemons (naah... just kidding!!). She also managed to get a compliment on her smile from a salesgirl (I'd been about to compliment her, but she'd never believe me if I said so now.. hence, I'm keeping shut... )

Appeared for yet another mock test on Sunday. Finally figured out why they call them MOCKS... coz the tests MOCK at the test-taker... well.. thie one probably didn't mock me much.. but you never know... Still, last time was horrendous.. this one can only be an improvement.. :P

Today, Shady has a sore throat. (NO.. it's not becoz of non-stop yapping.) Well, that's why he decided to write a blog instead of eating away at some unfortunate soul's mind over the phone.

Bodyache... throatache... fever... not much more to ask for, in holiday season, right? BLOODY! Shady sometimes feels like renaming 'Murphy's law' to 'Shady's law'. It applies so well to him! Whenever there are holidays approaching, he just HAS to fall sick! How sick is that!! (Ahem... forgive his attempt at humour please)

Not much else to write about... but Shady'll be back before you know it... that's why they call me slim (Ahem.. don't snigger, huh?) Shady...