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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Look whoz back! SHADY!!!! Surprise... surprise... suddenly, after a long silence lasting nearly a year, someone sure does seem to have a lot to say. Well, lazy folks like Shady need to be bullied outta their languor to get them to do something. As someone would say, "USELESS!!" :P

Anyway, the in-built clock in Shady's mind has been ticking away, reminding him of the ever-shortening distance between him and C-day. Let's see what the 'After-math' brings. Of course, work keeps getting crazier and crazier. Bloody demanding clients, insane deadlines, and a growing dissatisfaction with boring work... ingredients to a pissed-of Shady.

The brighter side, though... tomorrow is Shady's last working day... till C-day, so he plans to let his hair down (haha... yeah...right!) and chill and soothe his aching nerves. Ever heard of, "A movie a day, keeps CAT blues away."? If you haven't, that's OK, coz it's a Shady-ism that he coined just a few minutes ago.

Shady doesn't have much more to say to you right now, for the girl with the lovely smile might turn into the girl with the ferocious frown, if he continues to not reply to 'ciao' till he's back again....


  • Shadu!!!! It's so cool to see you have so much to say. Ab to writing mein proof hai. Ha ha. :P

    C-day will be good. We'll party! :)

    Shady-ism sounds good. But aapko to ek hi movie dekhne ko milegi...itni saari installments mein jo dekhte ho. :D

    The girl with the lovely smile is haapy, I'm sure. Very very haapy. :-)

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 2:34 AM  

  • happy* :D

    By Blogger Aarbee, At 2:37 AM  

  • @aarbee

    Writing mein proof? Maybe, not quite! Coz people who write less may have more to say.... and vice-versa.... whatsay?

    C-day ko to party pakki.. :D (Pizza hut?)

    Shady will try and watch a complete movie per day...

    Nuthin better than the girl with the lovely smile being haapy (I mean happy... :D)

    By Blogger Lonely Wanderer, At 8:57 AM  

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